Ready to kick off your career? If not a long term career, even a job at a fast food restaurant you still want to look your best. Your goal is to get the job to earn money regardless of how casual of a job you may think it is.


Know your style

It’s hard to know what best suites you when you are a young adult, but have no fear because if you follow these guideline steps for dressing from head to toe for an interview there should be no “physical” reason that they would not hire you. For young adults stick to a nice, pressed button down shirt and a dress skirt/pants with some heels/flats. To pair if you have a blazer to match that would look professional, if you don’t have any formal clothes wear a simple black or dark colored dress, preferably one that hits right at the knee in length. Always stick with whites and blacks, try to steer clear from patterns and/or colorful clothing, it would bring the wrong impression to the interviewer and honestly sometimes it’s just distracting. For a young woman definitely go with a black or white dress and some heels, you’re young enough to still be youthful but not so old that you have to go in wearing a full on suit. Also, stick to heels, unless you just can’t walk in them at all; flats seem a little childish at that age for an interview. For a woman I would suggest wearing a women’s dress suit preferably black, navy, or grey with heels to match.

What to accessorize with?

When it comes to accessorizing for an interview never “bling” it up. Stick to some nice pears or a simple dainty necklace. Since you’re wearing darker colors silver jewelry would suit you best. Again I wouldn’t wear earrings that are too long or noisy, and same with necklaces. If you want to wear something on your wrist, wear a watch. I wouldn’t put on 30 bangle bracelets, because that’s extremely distracting and annoying. If I were interviewing someone that came into my office with clingy jewelry I would cut the interview short and she’d never probably hear back from me. Just sayin’. If you have a nose rings, eyebrow rings or any kind of facial jewelry I’d definitely take that out before going in, it looks very ammature and unprofessional. Also any super visible tattoos I would  hide as well.

How is my hair?

You can’t go wrong with curls to bring volume to your hair. If not straight flat ironed hair is very professional as well. If you don’t want to wear your hair down, it’s not a must you can go with a tight bun, that looks really good it shows your whole face and really looks professional. I would add too many accessories like headbands or flowers to put in your hair. Also don’t you dare put your hair in a ponytail!


Makeup Essentials

Most interviews take place in the daytime, so you want something that is light and fresh rather than something dark and smokey. Stick to champagnes, nudes, and browns if you doing planning on doing an eyelook. Do not use too much blush either, you goal is to be light handed with everything and use all products in moderation. Don’t clump on mascara until all of your eyelashes are globbed together. If you want some more dramatic lashes buy some false lashes that aren’t too heavy to add just the right amount of fluff to your lashes. Lastly, blend blend blend! And be sure to ask someone how you look before leaving out, you may think you look good but you aren’t there to impress yourself.

So in order to be successful with not only your career but getting your foot into your dream position follow these steps and guidelines to help you get your job while looking fabulous and professional for any age!