Now that is 2016 we have far past moved on from headbands and the fluffy different colored scrunchies to put in our hair ladies. So get on board and I’ll take you through what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to accessorizing your hair.

Head Bow Warmer

Now that bows aren’t so much in style for young girls and women anymore, we have moved to a much better accessory. The head bow warmer is a winter must have. Not only are they cute, but they can really tie an outfit together. They make many different styled head bow warmers; since I am a southern gal I love crocheted head bow warmers but they make so many with so many different materials you’d be sure to find yours that fits your taste and style.


Chain Head Piece

Head pieces are really cool because it’s more of a fashion accessory; but it’s made to put in your hair and can completely change an outfit. You can wear them casually or really       dress up an outfit with them, regardless it’s a trend that’s been trending for a while now and has seemed to sneak it’s way in to 2016 with a bang! They have also made a big impact on bridal accessories, top celebrity icons have been seen wearing them on their big day like Kim K!


Formal Head Bands

Now that the chunky single colored head bands have finally left this decade fashion has brought upon a new style that has replaced those. A formal headband isn’t just wearable to formal events, when I mean formal think of something more sparkly and jeweled that really adds some “style and fashion” to your hair. These are my personal favorite because I do like to still wear headbands; they keep loose hair from flying away and it keep my hair out of my face all day; it’s a win win for everybody!


Elastic Hair Ties

Although these have been on the market for a while they are still a fave of the everyday hair accessory. They completely replaced rubber band scrunchies if you’re the type of person who didn’t want the drastic deep wave in the back of her after you would let it down. They come in just about every color and print possible, and they have even expanded into ombre shades. You can wear them to add a pop of color to your ponytail while not harming or damaging your hair at the same time!


These styles may have been floating around for awhile, but they have still today been seen among most girls and women when it comes to accessorizing your hair. A lot of people don’t really know what to do when it comes to accessorizing anymore, because frankly we don’t really know what’s in style to do so, but these four styles are a win and look fabulous on anyone!