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Product Description

  • USimplySeason’s Vadouvan Spice Blend allows you to experience the authentic flavors of French-Indian cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen! Our Vadouvan Curry Spice Blend will make it a breeze for you to whip up authentic French Curries that will have your guests begging for seconds.

    And you can make so much more than curries with this spice blend! You’ll love the complex and aromatic flavors this spice lends to lamb, game, and poultry when used as a rub or marinade. Or, take your soups, broths, and stews to the next level by adding a dash of Vadouvan while they are simmering.

    Best of all, you can enjoy all these guilt-free, as USimplySeason’s Vadouvan Spice is Salt-Free, GMO-Free, and 100% Vegan!

    As always, USimplySeason’s Vadouvan Spice Blend is hand-blended in small batches, in the USA, by our in-house spice experts to ensure you receive only the freshest and highest quality spices.

    Some of our favorite uses:

    • Preparing French curry, Indian curry or other curry recipes to bring complex flavors to life on the palate.
    • Add brightness and depth to stocks, broths and stews by sprinkling some in while they simmer.
    • Make lamb and game poultry worthy of seconds by mixing this blend of herbs and spices into your marinades and rubs
    • Add an exciting and unexpected pinch to popcorn for a red carpet-worthy treat

    Click for more recipes that you can use with USimplySeason’s Vadouvan Spice

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