Product Description

5-Globe Bubble Chandelier
Color: Brushed Brass | Black (as this is a replica of the original design we have used the original naming convention. The black colour is closer to a charcoal gun metal colour in person and is not a jet black)
Material: Metal + Glass
Glass: Clear | Smoky 
Dimensions: Horizontal: L 179cm x W 129cm x H 163cm (including the rod) | Vertical Cascade: L 131cm x W 101cm x D 89cm | 4 piece interchangeable rod for custom drop height. Includes a 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 45cm pieces (maximum 120cm, minimum 15cm)

Bulb not included
Our products are not produced by the actual designer nor are they affiliated with the official manufacturers. Any mention of the designer or original product name is only for comparison purposes.