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SKYRTA of Iceland

With an aspiration to supply better fitted clothing for men and women we started with implementing a custom made shirting service with an emphasis on personal customer care. SKYRTA quickly gained a faithful following as it showed itself to be the best place, and value, to get your hands on a perfectly fitted, contemporary shirt experience.
Sometimes the tale of getting measured as an individual, to sharing it with their friends, happened in the park in downtown Reykjavík. We have learnt that people have individual and unique tastes in what they like to wear and with our customizing capacity we aim to deliver exactly that with our “for the people, by the people” policy. We have studied the choices and styles of our customers, gathered tons of essential data by measuring different body types, and most importantly cut the price tag between a custom made shirt to an off the rack shirt. The increased demand for well fitted shirts allowed us to move into the heritage retail space called Fatabuðin, in Reykjavík few blocks away from our office and showrooms.

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