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The Perepaix collection reflects designer Avshalom Rave’s artful exploration of discovery, beauty and masculinity.  His trend-driven, yet classic creations are produced largely in Tel Aviv and sourced from all over the world.  Ancient weapons and iconic symbols are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials, such as leather, gold, silver, precious stones, and wood.  History, coupled with a love of design, is apparent in every piece.

Although his name means “Father of Peace,” he designs for today’s conquerors.  Businessmen who use their wits and acumen to stay ahead of competition or athletes who train their bodies and minds to the win the game.  Men who wear Perepaix are warriors in a gentler time, constantly striving to achieve their passions, and ever aware of the power within.

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PerePaix is the creation of jewelry designer Avshalom Rave.  His collection is an expression of his unique Mediterranean roots–an Israeli son born of an Egyptian mother and a Yemenite father.

Rave was educated and trained in the tradition of couture fashion design.  He worked with various high-end design houses before branching out on his own to share his authentic interpretation of the ideal modern man. Rave grew up in Israel- an ancient place home to countless people and customs.  His upbringing and collective experiences have created an artistry mixed with both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences.

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