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James Thomas Candle Co was born on the idea of producing luxurious (adjective – elegant, enjoyable, or sensuous pleasure) candles for your life. Luxury defined in the form of our hand-crafted 100% all natural eco-friendly soy wax candles.

Inspired with unparalleled attention to detail, the luxurious collections from James Thomas Candle Co are produced in the beautiful city of Austin Texas. Elegant charm made simple, they are designed to compliment any room or space.

Rosie Jaimes founded James Thomas Candle Co with the determination to produce a luxurious collection of all natural soy wax candle that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, minimal carbon foot print, free of harmful toxins (found in gel, paraffin, and animal waxes), while supporting the American farmer.

Production is kept small and simple. Each candle from wax melting, wood wick cutting to hand-pouring is created with the utmost care, perfection, and precision. This is to ensure that you receive unparalleled detail on each and every soy wax candle or melt produced.

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James Thomas Candle Co Bio
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