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I started my passion for fashion at age ten, when I persuaded my mother to let me assist her at her Fashion Design Studio everyday after school. At that young age I learned a lot about design and running a fashion business. At the age of thirteen my family moved from Nigeria to Atlanta, Georgia and I started my modeling career. I modeled for major companies throughout the South.

As my modeling career advanced I fell in love with the beauty and glamour of the industry, I fell in love with the classic charm, and I fell in love with the well crafted luxurious Items specifically handbags that I got to wear as a model. But I soon realized that most women including myself could not afford the luxurious accessories and clothing that I modeled in magazines and on the runway.

After earning my Masters Degree in Business Administration in 2008, I decided to put my educational background with my years of experience in the fashion industry and create a luxurious brand for the everyday fashionable woman. With the support my husband Alfred Alli, F&W Style was born. Our handbags are now in over 40 boutiques including select Ritz Carlton Gift shops nationwide.

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