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Hats, floating accessories, as I call them, almost volatile and often unnecessary innocent come from the high school effervescent, trainers years, one of my expression variations. I started selling them, to go on stage bigger than my circle of friends, but I interrupted “public exposure” with the first years of college. I studied Film Directing at Media University in Bucharest. Fandacsia remained locked in a drawer, a “script” that you constantly resume to give “pages” of intimate amateur or manufacture accessories that you wear just me. Fandacsia, the brand has germinated in the world when I decided to pull the drawer stifled the project and to submit all.
I work the most accessories in my little studio, with traditional means, and almost archaic. I have wood blocks, steam machine, nails, scissors, hardeners and tools to help me transform inert matter of felt in safe and clear lines, architectural forms that I want. I also collaborate with workshops from two smaller cities of Romania, Constanta and Sebes. In these small workshops work older hatters, which I collaborate with. I believe it is a good way to save a craft, a special way of approaching the finished product, about of extinction to us. They have small rudimentary presses to help me get some forms. All that work goes through my hands, trying to sew as much by hand, I use old techniques and follow a way to create unique objects by effort, with plenty of patience. It is a pleasure to imprint your ‘fingerprint’ in the materials you processed.

Products By This Designer:

Fandacsia (Imagery)