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Celine H2o

Born in 2013, Celine H2o features exotic and colorful inspirations. Each piece is entirely handmade by the designer of the brand, Celine Heiligenstein in her French based studio. Celine likes to follow her inspiration of the moment in creating unconventional, bold and eclectic pieces.
The mix and match of different styles, textures and materials is an integral part of the brand. Wood, ropes, colorful threads and gold mingles together to create an original piece of jewelry.
By Celine’s open-mindedness to the world and creativity, each of her collections is an invitation to travel.
After a Master’s degree in arts and culture as well as numerous travels around the world, Celine felt the need to express herself, to give body to her ideas and she began making jewelry. Therefore, she decides to follow her intuition that pushes her to create and launched her own high fashion jewelry brand. Aztec, ethnic or boho chic inspired, Celine H2o creations are a mix and match of different styles.

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