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Born in Belgium, raised in New York City and a graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Technology, Karin’s interest in art started at an early age. She is a true visual artist and has applied these skills through all mediums from paint to photography. Only recently have her passions brought her to jewelry design. “I want to create a line that represents the diversity in society, not to follow a trend, but create what inspires me and this line will allow me to do that” All BISJOUX items are handcrafted giving them more soul. All hand castings are unique molds exclusive to BISJOUX. Because Unique is “you”. All items can be custom made in gold plated, sterling silver, polished brass, satin brass or darkened brass with a minimum of 25 pieces.. Custom designs can be created exclusively for retailers with a minimum of 25 pieces.

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Bisjoux (Press)
Bisjoux (Imagery)