Whether it’s a day out to the mall, a short trip to run an errand, or even a luncheon date to grab a bite to eat with some friends; the athletic fashion has somehow seemed to be the “go to outfit”.

What to pair with your outfit?

Leggings are a must have. Just about any store now you can go into will have leggings; fashion brands now like Victoria Secret have launched some pretty awesome leggings that have insanely unique prints on them! They can be yours to for only $100.00 too! I for one am to wait for their semi-annual sale so I can get them for a fraction of the price. If it’s not enough that Victoria Secret branched out from angel wings and lingerie to an athletic line, there is even a spin off website from the shoe line called “ Justfab” shoes where you pick and create what best fits your needs when it comes to shoes to a brand by Kate Hudson called “Fabletics”. It’s pretty unique, and if you sign up you can get a whole workout outfit for only $25.00, that’s a steal comparing to steep prices from athletic fashion lines like LuLuLemon or even Athleta where you walk in with the hopes of picking up a cute pair of leggings and leaving with your wallet completely empty and tears running down your face. What I like best about leggings is of course their comfort, I will definitely go to my chest of drawers before my closet to get me a pair of leggings rather than a pair of jeans any day cause who wouldn’t like to be comfortable when working? Another plus is that they hide fat and suck it in at the same time! Always go with darker legging colors to create a slimming figure rather than brighter colors and weird prints which may do the exact opposite when it comes to wanting to appear thinner; but if you stick to black you can never go wrong! As soon as I put them on they make me feel sexy, my legs are now thinner looking, my butt looks pushed up and plump, and if you get the yoga style you can pull them up higher to even hide tummy fat!

How you should feel?

If you are flaunting around in your athletic wear in stores or in a casual sit down restaurant, I know you think you’re sexy. Don’t be ashamed! Wearing athletic fashion gives women and men the right to let some things show and it be okay! 

Whether it’s your back, stomach, shoulders, legs, show it off! I really love the tops that are loose fitting and show off some of my skin on my back, they have cute details like crisscross strings that makes it not only airy and comfortable on a hot day out, but really attractive as well.


The best part about being able to flaunt around in your fashionable athletic outfit is it’s simplicity. Don’t try and accessorize with jewels and belts, and which purse matches best. Keep it simple, keep a fresh face, no

jewelry other than a simple pair of earrings or ring. Who cares what color your purse is! If anything, I like to carry my cross-body on me or a wristlet just again to keep it simple.


Shoes are one thing I do tend to be particular about. Of course if you’re wearing athletic clothing I wouldn’t assume people would just put on a pair of flip flops or heels with this type of outfit, rather than a pair of tennis shoes. I love my sneakers, and for me the brighter the better, I wear darker clothes anyways so when it comes to brightening my look, I do it using my tennis shoes! My favorite brand as far as looks, comfort, and style are Asics, but I would wear New Balance, Nike, or even Saucony, but again for support Asics are the best fit for me.

I really love these styles for the upcoming Spring, bright and fresh! With these tips and tricks on how to look fashionable and sexy in your athletic wear I’m certain you’ll turn heads! So go out and start shopping for your new athletic gear to be apart of this awesome new fashion trend.