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Top 2016 Hair Accessories

Now that is 2016 we have far past moved on from headbands and the fluffy different colored scrunchies to put in our hair ladies. So get on board and I’ll take you through what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to accessorizing your hair.

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Spring Makeup Must Haves

If your at all the type of girl who is as half interested in makeup as I am then this will be a super helpful blog! When you think of Spring you think of mainly pastels and light colors, this of course is not the case. I will mention a handful of products that are Spring must haves that will make you feel flawless when walking out your door.

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5 Fashionable Ways to Wear your Blue Jean Jacket

We all have that blue jean jacket that’s hanging in the closet and don’t ever really know what to do with it for the reasons of pondering the questions ” Is this still even in season?” or “Is this too 90’s?” What we all don’t know is that your blue jean jacket can be your best accessory when it comes looking fashionable for any season in any color. Here are the top 5 fashionable ways to wear your blue jean jacket while not just in style but fashionable.

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What to Wear to an Interview

Ready to kick off your career? If not a long term career, even a job at a fast food restaurant you still want to look your best. Your goal is to get the job to earn money regardless of how casual of a job you may think it is.

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How to Look Sexy in Activewear

Whether it’s a day out to the mall, a short trip to run an errand, or even a luncheon date to grab a bite to eat with some friends; the athletic fashion has somehow seemed to be the “go to outfit”.

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