About us

Gregoreon has transcended the confines of boring trends to push a catwalk lifestyle with luxury items since 2012.


Whether it is a ready-to-wear or a haute couture item, Greogeon apparel brings a confidence one can only feel when defining fashion rather than following it. The Gregoreon philosophy is quite simple: live luxuriously with style that never apologizes. After all, fashion forward means never looking back.

The options offered at Gregoreon are essentially vital to the longevity of forward-thinking fashion. By giving an outlet to designers from different parts of the world, we enrich the scope of style while providing exposure for undiscovered genius. Our mission is to remain sustainably stylish and give our clientele vital and vivacious products that seamlessly link culture with couture.


Our eagle-eyed connoisseurs have curated the finest, most influential pieces in the industry – underground wearable art that is owned only by those with a thirst for affluent fashion. We blend adventurous high-fashion with practical street style to give you a one-of-a-kind ensemble that’s as attractive as it is affordable.

We commit ourselves to continually networking with the most promising independent designers in the industry to offer our clients up-to-date access to the latest trends. Creative and cutting-edge, our inventory is replete with unique, culturally-inspired products that are always expertly crafted and available in limited quantities.

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