We all have that blue jean jacket that’s hanging in the closet and don’t ever really know what to do with it for the reasons of pondering the questions ” Is this still even in season?” or “Is this too 90’s?” What we all don’t know is that your blue jean jacket can be your best accessory when it comes looking fashionable for any season in any color. Here are the top 5 fashionable ways to wear your blue jean jacket while not just in style but fashionable.



Around the Waist

Somehow within the last year or two tying your jacket around your waist has become a hot fashion trend. This style is really popular among college students because it’s a cute yet casual way to style up your outfit. Or if you wanted to dress it up a bit more a crop top shirt with whether it’s pants or shorts can look really stylish while pairing it with some tennies (Keds style shoes) or even a pair of booties.



Colored Skinnies and a Blouse

One of my favorite styles for any time of the year is definitely pairing up your blue jean jacket with your favorite colored pair of skinny jeans and a cute blouse. I love the fact that that it’s a preppy look that you can wear with your blue jean jacket and the best part is that you can’t really mess up your outfit, it literally goes with any color or design! Whether you have hot fuchsia skinnies or a floral print of skinnies it will go with your blue jean jacket and still look very stylish. With this look it really helps to accessorize with a cute hat, a fedora in particular or some simple jewelry. Another reason I love this outfit is because you make it as casual as you’d like or as dressy as you’d like. To dress it up just simply pair it with some heels and accessorize with a nice clutch and jewelry, and did I mention that this look can be worn all year long?! No need to put your blue jean jacket away in a plastic bin tucked away under your bed.


With a Sundress

The best apart about the Spring and Summer seasons are wearing dresses! My whole closet consists of almost all dresses, and the best part is, is that my blue jean jacket goes with all of them. It looks fashionable whether it’s paired with a literal sun dress accessorized with your sun hat or something as dressy as a tighter fitted black dress to show off some curves. Again with this look you can really play around with it and dress it up as much as possible and dress it down.



All White

Something that can come across very high class and sexy is an all white look paired with your jean jacket. It’s very “celebrity”, and trending look that I think would look great going into the Spring and Summer Season of 2016. Grab you a pair of white skinnies, with a nice white blouse, nothing too fitted (something that flows a bit is a better look to wear with this) unless it’s a crop top, and to really make the look pop grab you a colored pair of heels to bring just a hint of color to your outfit; or keep it all white with some white patent pumps. I love gold jewelry with an all white look like this, so gold bangles and lots of them! A simple gold necklace would be appropriate or go big with a gold statement piece necklace.


Maxi Dress

What most girls don’t know is that you don’t just have to wear your Maxi dress in the summer when it’s 90 degrees outside. Maxi dresses can be worn in the Spring and into the fall as well, as long as you wear your colors correctly. I love pairing my Maxi dress with my jean jacket it adds a touch of style to my outfit and I even accessorize with a skinny belt to give my body a bit of dimension since the dress can make you look un-proportional for some people. Another great accessory is a light scarf to give the outfit the a stylish fashionable touch. Keep it simple and casual with your favorite summer sandals, or if it’s getting chilly wear your favorite booties.

So instead of letting your blue jean jacket collect dust in the back of your closet or under your bed, pull it out and start getting stylish! If you follow these styles and trending tips you’re sure to turn heads while walking out with your jean jacket.